Air Lift 20-22 Ford Escape 4wd / 21-22 Ford Bronco Sport 4WD 1000 Air Spring Kit

Air LiftSKU: ALF60858

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You may have purchased your Ford Bronco Sport or Ford Escape primarily as a passenger vehicle, but many adventurous drivers will also use their vehicle to tow trailers or carry luggage with family members on road trips. Installing the Air Lift 1000 series kit to your vehicle will help support and level up to 1000 pounds and ensure your Bronco Sport or Escape can transport passengers, as well as tow or haul with comfort and safety. Adjustable from 5-35 PSI, the industry leading air springs are the perfect partner for your Ford Bronco Sport or Ford Escape. Simply add air when towing or hauling and deflate to the minimum 5 PSI when riding empty. You'll be ready for more weight and almost any situation whether it be hauling work materials or towing a camper on a family vacation. The Air LIft 1000 system fis into the coil springs, providing suspension support by allowing users to easily add air to keep the vehicle level and stable. Adding air bags helps to eliminate problems frequently faced when towing and hauling, such as squat, poor headlight aim, trailer sway, body roll and bottoming out. With the added stability that air springs provide, you can tow and haul safely knowing that you have optimal braking and steering control. As the leader in air suspension products for more than 70 years, Air Lift is committed to delivering quality load support parts that last. To ensure highest quality, longevity and customer satisfaction, the key suspension components, including the air springs and all hardware, have been torture-tested to 1 million cycles on our hydraulic testing rig. With a Lifetime warranty and 60 Day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee, not to mention the Air Lift reputation for great customer service and technical support, users can purchase this kit with peace of mind.

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